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jeremiah 31:3

Hi! Me, Emily (Lizzy) hannah (Jane) and Janna (Gwendelyn) made this live journal our 'Jane Austen Journal'! We are all going to journal our lives, and quest for true love (Jane Austen style) on this blog site! It is our own 'Jane Austen Story'! Just a modern Jane Austen story, that's set in high school! And ALL of it is real! It's our own little documentory!

All the people in the story (made up of journal entries) will be given a Jane Austen name! (Or in other cases such as Gwendelyn, just a classic character name like hers from The Importance of Being Ernest)

Character List (as of 11/16/10)

me, Emily: 'Elizabeth' -------------> Pride and Prejudice

Hannah: 'Jane' ----------------------> Pride and Prejudice

Janna: 'Gwendelyn' ----------------> The Importance of Being Ernest

Other Characters:
Elizabeth's crush: Mr. Darcy ------------> Pride and Prejudice

Jane's crush: Mr. Bingley -----------------> Pride and Prejudice

Weird guy stalking Jane: Mr. Collins -------> Pride and Prejudice

more to come!!!...